Welcome To Awesam Art Gallery

Johan Bohta

Gallery Manager


- Rresponsible for assisting the Director

in selling artwork, and the selection of potential artwork to purchase.

- Working closely with artists and promoting the

gallery in order to attract new business.

- Keeping archives up to date.

- Managing administration tasks, such as

keeping financial reports and targets up to date.

Elon Roy



- Awesam Gallery is a collective endeavour of

thousands of passionate photographers led by Elon Roy

- We are the first company to employ full time

creative researchers for studying market trends and consumer needs.

- This ensures that the images and videos produced

by our team are not just exceptional in quality

but also extremely relevant.

Steve Musk

Assistant Manager


- Dealing with schedule changes, employee call-ins,

and other staffing issues

- Filling in for absent employees as needed to ensure

smooth operation of the business

- Acting as a role model for all employees by

continuously exhibiting a high level of service and

attention to detail in all tasks